Harmonic Analysis and
Operator Theory

2024 July 29–31

İstanbul University, Mathematics Department

The first of our workshops in 2019 on harmonic analysis and operator theory (WHO19) had as purpose, among others, to demonstrate the interconnections between the two fields. Lively mathematical interactions occurred during the workshop among the participants from the two fields, from different countries, and from different groups of any kind.

In the second of our workshops now in 2024, we aim to continue this productive interaction by fully representing the two areas of its title. We also aim to form bridges to new areas by including talks in closely related fields. We are confident the participants will benefit from this multifaceted approach. The setting of İstanbul University at the heart of historical İstanbul is especially fitting for such a workshop since the city itself is a bridge between several cultures and eras. We invite the participants to further explore the historical and artistic treasures of the city. 

This edition of the workshops is dedicated to our co-organizer Aurelian Gheondea on the occasion of his retirement from Bilkent University. But we know he definitely does not yet retire from mathematics.